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“Solutions, Not Excuses”

The work holding solutions we provide start with our standard products. These are solutions that have already been designed and built and are ready for you to purchase. But sometimes our clients have an application where none of our standard solutions apply. For example, there is no standard for a propeller shaft on an aircraft carrier.That’s why in addition to our standard options, we offer custom solutions. Sometimes that means taking a standard design and tweaking it slightly. Sometimes that means designing something brand new.
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And lastly we have our semi-standard options. These come from seeing a need, and filling it often. They are products we’ve designed numerous times in the past. Some we have in limited stock, and for others we have only the designs, but they can all be delivered in a shorter timeframe than a full custom item. When a client comes to us we can point them to one of these semi-standard designs, saving time on engineering.

We see a lot of oddball applications. Most times clients think their problems are unique. Sometimes they are, but many times they’re not. Work holding is what we do—period—so we’ve handled an extensive array of applications. Whether you’re coming to us knowing the exact product you need, or you have a job you need to do and not a clue what product to use, we’ve got a solution for you.

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