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Shaft Manufacturing


Because of our extensive product offering of both standard as well as special design workholding products, Riten Industries can provide the necessary tooling for nearly every process encountered in shaft machining. We can provide a secure and accurate workholding solution for your initial turning operation by utilizing a mechanical or hydraulically compensating face driver in the headstock and a CNC heavy duty live center in the tailstock. Due to the superior holding power and accuracy provided by this set up parts can be turned quickly and accurately at high production rates. If the part requires a tooth form after turning, it can be generated by either spline rolling or hobbing.

Riten Industries has been the premier supplier of standard and custom spline rolling live centers for over thirty years. We can also provide a special knife driver, expanding mandrel or external clamping system as well as standard or special tailstock centers for your gear hobbing operation. Riten live centers and dead centers come into the picture in subsequent operations such as induction heat treating and straightening. Two more Riten centers securely hold the shaft on centerline for grinding operations. During this typical sequence of operations a different Riten product can contact the part as many as ten times. Whether your are turning, face driving, spline rolling, hobbing, heat treating, straightening or grinding Riten Industries can provide a work holding solution.


Rapid Response

Automotive, heavy equipment, power generation, aerospace and other vital industries demand a quick and accurate solution to a difficult problem. Riten Industries delivers! Riten Industries is unmatched when it comes to our capability to design and manufacture all types of special workholding products. Our repair department has also earned a solid reputation for their ability to get our customers up and running quickly, sometimes within 24 hours, during emergency situations.


Optimum Performance

The shaft manufacturing industry exists in an intense global competition where optimum performance is the key to survival. All Riten Industries products are designed and manufactured to perform at the highest level. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and demand the highest quality materials from our suppliers to use in the manufacture of our products. All Riten standard live centers, special centers, dead centers, and face drivers are manufactured to tight tolerances and thoroughly inspected and tested before being shipped to our customers.



Our standard face drivers feature the capability to turn a large range of part diameters, from small transmission shafts to very large shafts used in pulverizing machinery. At one large Midwest gear manufacturer our standard 48FM face driver holds a family of shafts during both the roughing and finish turning operations. Major work piece diameters range from under three inches to over fourteen inches in diameter. Riten face drivers are often used in conjunction with CNC Heavy Duty live centers. Depending on the taper, Heavy Duty live centers can support part weights in excess of twenty thousand pounds, while Super Duty live centers can support part weights in excess of sixty thousand pounds.



For over seventy years Riten Industries, Inc. has been a trusted partner in the design and manufacture of premier workholding products. Our experienced staff of design engineers, outside regional salesmen and product specialists are second to none in providing solutions for all of your high production, close tolerance workholding applications.

Riten Industries, Solutions, not excuses…

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