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Workholding Partners

Riten Industries provides work holding solutions for a number of original equipment manufacturers. We provide turnkey work holding solutions for Mazak , Okuma, and Haas lathes; spline rolling live centers for Anderson Cook and West Michigan Spline; face drivers and live chucks to ITW Workholding.

Riten has a long term working relationship with Mazak’s Midwest Tech Center in Florence, KY. We provide both engineering support and turnkey solutions for difficult workholding applications. A typical tooling package for a Mazak lathe includes a Riten live center or face driver.

Riten is proud to be a partner in Okuma’s Partner in THINC program. We provide engineering support and solutions to Okuma’s Tech Centers in Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois and Houston, Texas. Live centers, face drivers and linear compensating live centers are available at each tech center for runoffs.

ITW Workholding manufactures rectractable jaw chucks mounted with Riten face drivers. The combination of a jaw chuck and face driver marries the gripping power of a jaw chuck with the productivity improvement provided by face driving. When the part exceeds the capacity of a typical face driver, the retractable jaw chuck allows the turning of parts in one operation, that would otherwise have to be manufactured in two operations.

Buck Chuck provides the chucks used in the manufacture of Riten live chuck mandrels. The live chuck mandrel combines the flexibility of a jaw chuck with the rotational capability of a live center.

Anderson Cook and West Michigan Spline are two of the world’s leading manufacturers of spline rolling machines. Riten is proud to provide standard and custom spline rolling live centers to the spline rolling industry.

Riten Industries, Keo Cutters, Te-CO and ITW Workholding work together to provide a single source of technical information for our customers in Mexico. Contact Samuel Duran, Director of Sales – Mexico for additional information.

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