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Turnkey Design Services

With a full time staff of experienced design engineers and the latest in CAD technology to support and enhance their capabilities, Riten Industries, Inc. is able to offer our customers complete turnkey design services for a variety of special applications. From a simple modification to a standard live or dead center, custom pins in a face driver, to a completely special headstock and tailstock workholding package, no application is too large or too small. Every Riten Product Specialist is readily accessible to assist customers in creating an application specific workholding solution to meet their needs.


Latest Technology

Our Product Specialists are equipped with the latest versions of AutoCad capable of providing our customers with either two dimensional or three dimensional work holding solutions for all of their special applications. Featured at are Cad drawings of our entire product line of live centers, dead centers, and face drivers. These drawings are fully dimensioned and can be downloaded and inserted into tool layouts for your convenience.


Product Diversity

Riten Industries, Inc. is recognized as a world leader in the design of special live and dead centers. We continue to introduce new live centers and dead centers to take advantage of changing technologies in bearings and seals. These tools are specifically designed to compliment the increased capabilities of modern machine tools.

With the addition of special face drivers in 1995 and the recent introduction of special work holding solutions for the gear manufacturing industry; Riten Industries, Inc. has the ability to design a turnkey work holding solution for the entire manufacturing process. For instance, gear shaft blanks are turned with Riten live centers and face drivers, splines are either rolled with Riten spline rolling live centers or hobbed with Riten face drivers, and ground between centers with Riten dead centers.



Our standard face drivers feature the capability to turn a large range of part diameters, from small transmission shafts to very large shafts used in pulverizing machinery. At one large Midwest gear manufacturer our standard 48FM face driver holds a family of shafts during both the roughing and finish turning operations. Major work piece diameters range from under three inches to over fourteen inches in diameter. Riten face drivers are often used in conjunction with CNC Heavy Duty live centers. Depending on the taper, Heavy Duty live centers can support part weights in excess of twenty thousand pounds, while Super Duty live centers can support part weights in excess of sixty thousand pounds.


Application Driven

The Riten Industries, Inc. engineering staff can provide our customers with an engineered workholding solution for a variety of machining and inspection applications. This tooling is specifically designed to satisfy our customer’s individual requirements, whether they are turning, spline rolling, milling, hobbing, heat treating, grinding, spray coating, final inspection or any other process that take place between centers.

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