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Linear Compensating – Tailstock, Live Centers

  • 4-axis positioning
  • Adjustable deflection rates
  • .500 compensation
  • Designed for live and dead chucking, centering, and fixturing


Live Center Applications

Riten Linear Compensating Live Centers represent the pinnacle of spring loaded live centers. The typical spring loaded live center has the rotating spindle sliding through the bearing assembly. The linear compensating live center has the entire bearing assembly (including the spindle) sliding inside the housing. Comparing a spring loaded live center to a linear compensating live center is like comparing the capacity and rigidity of a traditional live center to that of a heavy duty live tailstock.

Four sets of interechangeable, color coded die springs provide light, medium, heavy and extra heavy linear force. This self-contained model (shown) can be chucked and is especially suited for multi-function turning centers with sub-spindles and programmable tailstocks.

The compensating spindle point locates the part in the machine according to the stock length specified by the part print. If the part length deviates from spec, the center still provides sufficient linear force for accurate machining without imposing an excessive load on the servo or overloading the ball screw.


Live Center Availability

Linear Compensating live centers are custom designed and made to order. Each tool is configured to accommodate a specific application. Special spindle points and custom configurations can be designed by discussing your application with one of our product specialists.

Live Center Technical Specifications

The bearing design utilizes three large bore, precision, angular contact ball bearings. The bearing housing is manufactured from low carbon steel and case hardened. The point is manufactured from 52100 ball bearing steel and through hardened to provide the maximum strength and durability needed in a live center. The appropriate die spring sets are selected based on the range of part weights.

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