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Press Releases


By Mitchell Kirby,

Riten Industries Inc.

Metalworking is becoming increasingly specialized, with manufacturers of lathes and grinders offering a variety of capacities, bed lengths and other options. This promises the user the ability to create custom machining solutions to “meet any production need.” While this is true to a point, standard options have their limits, and truly customized machines cost more and have extended delivery times.  However, the demand for unique production operations can frequently be satisfied by a simple custom engineered workholding solution rather than an expensive dedicated machine.

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This year’s recipient of The Whittemore Co. Outstanding Support Award goes to Allen Boehnlein, Regional Manager from Riten Industries.

Dave Zaval, the President of The Whittemore Co., presented Allen with the award. “Allen is a pleasure to work with, has an organized approach, top-notch time management skills, and provides excellent service,” said Dave. “In addition to that, our team thinks he is a great person to work with because of his positive attitude and professional demeanor.”

Congrats Allen!

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