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The medical industry creates a unique challenge for a work holding supplier. Comprised of hundreds of companies producing medical hardware, precision surgical instruments, medical cases, implants and related parts, this industry is in constant change. Companies routinely manufacture products from exotic materials that are machined to closely held tolerances. Due to the very tight working environment, surgical tools and hardware are typically very small in diameter and extremely long in length. The combination of these factors places unique demands on the workholding products used in these applications.

Riten Industries has a comprehensive catalog of standard live centers, dead centers, and face drivers capable of performing in these challenging and diverse applications. From our Light and X-Light live centers for extremely small parts, to our Concentric spring loaded live centers popular on sub-spindle machines, or our Sprint and Advantage live centers where heavier loads are experienced; Riten Industries has the right product for the job.


Engineering Expertise, Manufacturing Know-how

The medical industry relies on Riten Industries to provide them with the engineering expertise to insure dependable and accurate workholding products. Our veteran staff of engineers works closely with our customers to provide solutions for even the most difficult workholding application. Apart from our comprehensive standard product offerings, Riten Industries is unmatched in our ability to design a custom live center, dead center, face driver, collet chuck or collet to fit almost any application. Our highly skilled machinists take advantage of the latest in machining technology to create a finished product that will exceed the customer’s performance requirements. Our service and repair department are unequalled in the industry in their ability to respond quickly to a customer’s request.


Optimum Performance

The medical industry relies on the optimum performance of their workholding products to maintain a competitive edge in this continuously changing landscape. All Riten Industries centers, dead centers, face drivers, collet chucks and collets are designed and manufactured to perform at the highest level. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and demand the highest quality materials from our suppliers to use in the manufacture of our products. All Riten standard and special live centers, dead centers, face drivers, collet chucks and collets are manufactured to tight tolerances and are thoroughly inspected and tested before being shipped to our customers.



Our standard face drivers feature the capability to turn a large range of part diameters, from small transmission shafts to very large shafts used in pulverizing machinery. At one large Midwest gear manufacturer our standard 48FM face driver holds a family of shafts during both the roughing and finish turning operations. Major work piece diameters range from under three inches to over fourteen inches in diameter. Riten face drivers are often used in conjunction with CNC Heavy Duty live centers. Depending on the taper, Heavy Duty live centers can support part weights in excess of twenty thousand pounds, while Super Duty live centers can support part weights in excess of sixty thousand pounds.



Only Riten Industries, Inc. can provide the experience necessary to design and manufacture the technology for these demanding applications. Riten Industries, a trusted partner for over seventy years, providing centers, dead centers, face drivers, collet chucks, collets and gear tooling to meet the needs of this unique industry.

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