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Specialty Products

Custom Live and Dead Centers

Riten Industries, Inc. is your source for custom work holding. Since 1991 our catalog offering of live and dead centers has tripled in size. Many of these now stock items grew out of customer demand for special live and dead centers. Just take advantage of our Design-Your-Own CAD tools, fill in the blanks on our interactive drawings, Request a Quote or call 800-338-0027 and speak to a product specialist.

Part Numbers for Custom Tooling

Every Riten custom live or dead center is assigned a special 10 digit hyphenated part number. For instance, a 46103-A0097 is a special spline rolling live center. The leading five digits identify the standard center (46103) that was the starting point for the design.  The trailing five digits are a unique alphanumeric stamp number. The stamp number for custom tools has a leading alpha character followed by four numeric digits (I.E. A0097 or H2720).  Standard live and dead center part numbers are five digit numeric part numbers (I.E. 46103 or 71041).

Every Riten center is marked with a part number somewhere.  Live centers are commonly marked on either the front or the rear of the bearing housing.  Dead centers are marked near the point or on the butt end of the tool.  Custom tools are marked with just the alphanumeric stamp number to avoid confusion with standard tools.  We have identified custom tools in this way since 1991.  If you can find the stamp number we can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your tool.

For more information about your custom tool call 800-338-0027 or email us.

Special Purpose Live Centers

Super Accurate live centers are unique to Riten Industries and are designed specifically for precision grinding applications.  More

Spline Rolling is a cost effective, high production, cold forming process used to generate complex geometries in power transmission shafts. Spline rolling live centers are critical to the success of this process.  More

Raptor live centers are high accuracy, low profile, live centers designed specifically for gear hobbing, gear cutting and gear grinding.  More

Adjusta-Point live centers feature an adjustable point that can be radially offset up to .030” in any direction. The concept allows you to indicate the part similarly to the method used with a 4-Jaw chuck without the chuck jaws masking the part.  More

Light and Extra-Light live centers are designed for applications with extremely light part weight parts.  More

Multi-Use live centers are ideal for general machine shop work. They can be used for both thin-walled tubing as well has smaller shaft work.  More

Concentric, GPRTOPS and Linear Compensating live centers all feature a spring loaded action. Concentric live centers are low profile spring loaded tools that fit a variety of applications. They are the most common form of spring loaded live center. GPRTOPS live centers are heavy duty spring loaded live centers designed for larger parts. Linear Compensating live centers are custom solutions best suited for a family of parts with a wide range of part weights and cutting conditions.

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