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Morse, Jarno, Browne & Sharpe, and Metric – Manufacturing the Right Machine Taper for your Center

The machine tool industry has settled on Morse tapers as the industry standard for centers. So if you purchase a new machine tool, odds are that’s the taper your machine will be built for. But what if you’re not purchasing a new machine? What if you need a center with a Jarno taper? Or a Browne & Sharpe taper? Or a straight shank? Well in that case, you call Riten.
Machine tapers are complicated to manufacture, but it’s imperative that they be manufactured with the utmost precision. In a grinder, if a center doesn’t fit perfectly, the work piece moves every time the grinding wheel puts pressure on the part being manufactured. This lack of rigidity leads to egg shaped products with chatter marks instead of round parts with smooth finishes.Grinding tolerances can be measured down to millionths of an inch, and hitting these tolerances is an impossible task with poorly fitting centers.
Live and Dead Center Tapers

In a lathe, if the center doesn’t fit properly you typically have problems with taper and chatter. Despite generous tolerances when compared to grinding, the same problems arise with poorly fitting centers. A machine tool is only as accurate as its work holding allows.

Not only do we manufacture centers of the highest quality, we have the broadest product line in the industry. We’re the only live center manufacturer in the country who stocks live centers with Jarno and Browne & Sharpe tapers. We also offer a wider selection of Morse, Jarno and Browne & Sharpe taper dead centers than any of our competitors. Most of them only stock a limited selection of Morse tapers.

As the scale of a manufactured product increases, the work holding requirements change. At a certain point, the optimal taper changes from Morse to Metric. That’s why we provide both live and dead centers with Metric tapers as well.

We’re your work holding source, period. If you’ve got a hard to find taper, we either have it in stock or we can make it to order. We work hard to stay true to our motto: “Solutions, Not Excuses!”

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