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Made in America Means Being Responsive, and Being Fast

Manufacturing all of our products right here at our facility in Ohio is essential to our success. Not only does it mean that our products are of the highest quality, but it also allows us to offer the services our customers have come to depend upon.

We don’t just pull stock products off of a shelf and ship them to our customers. We’re here to serve as a source of expertise for anyone looking to find or design the best work holding solution for their application. The right solution is one that does the job. The best solution not only does the job, but it takes less time and capital to produce.

Recently we worked with a new tooling designer who sent us drawings to quote. The drawings he had made were for a part that would have done exactly what he needed it to do. However, the part was more complicated—and thus more expensive—than it needed to be. So we showed him some standard products that were similar to what he was looking for, and helped him utilize those as a starting point for his own design. The result was still a custom solution tailor made for his application, but it was less expensive and took much less time to manufacture than his original part.

Just last week we got a call from a customer who needed a spindle repair for a downed machine. He gave us a call on Thursday and we talked through what he needed. He sent the part out, it arrived on Friday, and after a Morse Taper ID regrind we sent it back out on Monday.

The kind of responsiveness and speed we’ve detailed above wouldn’t be possible if we shipped our manufacturing overseas. “Solutions, Not Excuses” isn’t simply a motto we slap on our stationary. It’s a commitment that we strive to uphold every day, a goal made possible by keeping our manufacturing right here at home.

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