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MFG Day 2013: Celebrating the Future of Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry in America is—and always has been—one of the many things that makes this country great. It’s the driver of our economy, the showcase of innovation and technology, and the source of pride for countless generations of hardworking Americans. However, as it’s continuing to make a comeback and further drive our economy, there is a skilled labor shortage that threatens to leave manufacturers searching for skilled workers in the future.

That’s why now, more than ever, it’s important for all of us to recognize and celebrate MFG Day, a national day of recognition that commemorates this great industry and seeks to encourage young people to get involved.

This year MFG Day will be held on October 4, and it will be celebrated throughout the country. It provides manufacturers the opportunity to showcase who they are and what they do, inviting the public into their businesses and allowing them to learn more about how they contribute to the industry. According to the sponsors, MFG Day “provides manufacturers with an opportunity to tell their company’s story, dispel outdated myths…[and] inspire a new generation of manufacturers.”

Not only is it a great chance to get involved with your community and gain potential new customers, but perhaps even more importantly, it’s an occasion to present students and educators with a positive picture, helping them recognize that a future in manufacturing means a future of success. It’s a time to engage the younger generations and show them the value of this industry, and how they can become a part of it.

We believe in the value of manufacturing as an industry and a career, and we also believe that this is a wonderful way to get this across to the next generation of manufacturers.

You can learn more about the day and how to get involved at http://www.mfgday.com/.

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