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Riten Industries Live Centers: Helping Make Wind Turbines Work

Did you know that wind energy cuts CO2 emissions, and that, according to the Energy & Policy Institute, while typical energy grids produce 800g of CO2 per KWH generated, wind energy displaces all of that?

Furthermore, did you know that, due to its increasing demand and recognition as a cleaner source of power, the wind energy industry plans to double wind energy use in the U.S. by 2020, and boost use from 4% today to 20% of electrical output by 2030?*

So what do wind energy, Riten Industries, and our clients have in common? A lot, actually. At its most basic, a wind turbine is made up of rotor blades, from which energy is transferred to the rotor, a shaft, which connects to the center of the rotor, and a generator, which produces the electrical voltage. When the wind hits the blades, the rotor spins, and the shaft spins as well. The rotor transfers the mechanical, rotational energy to the shaft, spinning the generator and causing it to produce electricity.


Those are the basics. However, going beyond that, there are a variety of parts that make this all happen. And that’s where we come in. We provide our expertise to shaft manufacturing—without which, wind energy wouldn’t be possible.

Our live centers are a critical part of the shaft manufacturing process. Our live centers are expertly made and provide superior holding power, which means parts can be turned accurately and quickly at high production rates, leading to the best possible shaft manufacturing in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Our live centers stand up to very demanding equipment—as demanding as the wind energy industry requires—and we can provide live centers for everything from the initial turning operation through subsequent operations, including induction heat treating, straightening, grinding, and more. The fact is, the high demands of wind turbines call for an exceptionally well-made shaft, and the demands of the shaft require the best live centers available. And as demand for wind energy grows, we’re ready to continue meeting these needs.

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