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Standard Steel Pipe Nose and Bull Nose Dead Centers

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Dead Center Applications

Riten standard pipe nose and bull nose dead centers are suitable for all machining and grinding applications.


Dead Center Availability

Standard pipe nose and bull nose dead centers are readily available from stock in Morse and Jarno Tapers. Bull nose dead centers can be modified from standard pipe nose dead centers in as little as 1-2 days, where custom blunt dimensions are required. Pipe Nose and Bull Nose dead centers were designed to fit the need for a readily available off the shelf dead center that was larger than a typical standard dead center. As the largest manufacturer of standard and custom dead centers in North America, Riten Industries recognized the need for a standard pipe nose and bull nose dead center.

Carbide tipped bull nose dead centers and large carbide pipe nose dead centers are also available. Click on the respective product name to go to the appropriate product page.

Different mounting tapers and custom variations of any Riten dead center can be designed using our on-line design tool or by discussing your application with one of our product specialists.

Technical Specifications – Steel Dead Centers

Steel Pipe Nose and Bull Nose dead centers are manufactured from 52100 ball bearing steel, through hardened to 61-63 Rc. Heat treating 52100 provides the hardness and wear resistant properties necessary for long center life. The same qualities that make it the material of choice for ball bearings also make it an excellent material for dead centers. Concentricity is guaranteed to .0002 inches TIR.

Dead Center Regrind

Both steel and carbide tipped dead centers can be reground to extend the life of the dead center. One of the many advantages of 52100 over case hardened materials is that the point can be reground without affecting the hardness or durability of the center. Dead centers should be returned to the factory for inspection to determine the cost of regrinding the tool. The point angle will be reground to factory specifications and the concentricity of the point to the taper will be restored. If necessary, the mounting taper will be reground as well during the reconditioning process.

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