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Spline Rolling Live Centers

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Spline Rolling Live Center Applications

Riten spline rolling live centers are designed and manufactured specifically for the spline rolling industry. Spline rolling is a cold forming process whereby a shaft is rotated between a set of forming dies. Each die or rack features a series of progressively formed teeth that mirror the finished shape of the spline to be formed. The shaft is supported between life centers while it rotates. The process is similar to holding a pen (the shaft) between the palms of your hands (the racks) and sliding your hands in opposite directions. As your hands move the pen rotates.

Spline rolling is used extensively in manufacturing due to the superior spline produced by this process when compared to other methods. Spline rolling machines can produce a wide variety of splines, grooves, threads, and clutch housings. Spline shafts are used in automobiles, washing machines, tractors, industrial equipment, and many other applications where there is a need to transmit torque from one part to another. Due to the large variety of the parts used in this process, most spline rolling live centers are designed specifically for an application. In most cases, a custom spindle point is designed specifically to support each part or family of similar sized parts.


Spline Rolling Live Center Availability

Standard spline rolling live centers are readily available from stock in Morse Tapers. The most common size required by spline rolling machines is a 3 Morse Taper. The majority of spline rolling live centers are manufactured for specific applications. Riten Industries has supplied spline rolling centers to the automotive industry for over thirty years. Riten spline rolling live centers are the live center of choice by OEM machine builders. We maintain extensive inventories of both finished and semi-finished special spindles. Finished shells and bearing sets are stocked as well. In an emergency, replacement live centers can be manufactured in as little as one to two days.

Custom variations of these live centers can be designed using our on-line design tool or by discussing your application with one of our product specialists

Spline Rolling Technical Specifications

Spline rolling live centers utilize a combination of precision tapered roller and angular contact ball bearings. This heavy duty combination is capable of handling the high loads produced during the spline rolling manufacturing process. The spline rolling process places unique demands on a live center. Riten spline rolling live centers undergo a proprietary manufacturing process to address these requirements.

The spindle is manufactured from 52100 ball bearing steel and through hardened to Rc61 for the maximum strength and durability needed in a live center spindle. The shell is manufactured from low carbon steel and case hardened to provide strength and resistance to wear.

Spline Rolling Live Center Repair

Standard spline rolling live centers will be rebuilt to “Like New” condition for 40% of the cost of a new tool. Special Spline Rolling live centers will be rebuilt to “Like New” condition on a per quote basis. This is a total reconditioning of the entire live center. The shell is inspected for damage and the taper shank is reground as needed. The bearings, seals and spindle are replaced with new components and the live center is returned to its original accuracy. Every repair receives the identical factory warranty as that of a new live center.

In the unlikely event that your live center is beyond repair, Riten offers a preferred customer trade-in allowance of up to 35% on the purchase of an equivalent live center. Every Riten live center, no matter its condition, is eligible for trade-in. Repairs can be returned through you local Riten distributor or sent direct to the factory.

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