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“Super Duty” Live Centers

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Live Center Applications

Riten Super Duty live centers are designed specifically for those applications requiring load carrying capabilities that exceed that of Extra Heavy Duty Live Centers. Applications involving part weights ranging from 25,000 to 100,000 pounds require Super Duty live centers. Extreme loads and heavy stock removal rates are typical when turning rolls, shafts and forgings. Extreme loads and close size tolerances are encountered when grinding these same components. Roll manufacturers, manufacturers of power generation components and large shaft and cylinder manufacturers all rely on Super Duty live centers for their work holding requirements.


Live Center Availability

Because of the extreme work piece weight requirements, most Super Duty live centers are custom engineered to fit your specific needs. Applications requiring bearing load ratings in excess of 100,000 pounds may require a member of the Riten field support group to evaluate both the machine and the manufacturing environment. Depending on the application, some Super Duty live centers may be available from semi-finished stock after approval by a Riten design engineer.

Live Center Technical Specifications

Shells and spindles can be manufactured from a variety of materials. Precision angular contact bearings, taper roller bearings or spherical roller bearings may be required depending on the application. Heat treatment, inspection requirements and process requirements are job specific. Every raw material, purchased component and manufacturing process is selected to meet the specific requirements of the application

Safety is paramount when dealing with large work piece weights. During the manufacturing process, all load bearing components must pass multiple inspections prior to final assembly. These components are inspected at the factory and by an independent certified laboratory. Material certifications, heat treat certifications and inspection certifications are provided with each tool. Material coupons to verify steel chemistry and heat treatment can be provided as well. To insure proper performance each live center is subjected to “run-in” tests for noise level, vibration, temperature and accuracy.

Riten Super Duty live centers are engineered to meet the specific requirements of each application. Each live center is an engineered solution designed to meet customer demand for a precision tool capable of supporting extreme loads.

Live Center Repair

Upon receipt the live center is completely disassembled, cleaned and visually inspected for damage. Dimensional checks are made of all load bearing components. Particular attention is paid to any changes that might indicate the presence of metal fatigue in a load bearing component. Super Duty live centers are subjected to extreme loads and it is not uncommon to find bent spindles and distorted bearing housings in tools that have been overloaded. After passing visual inspection, all load bearing components are further subjected to magnetic particle inspection to look for stress cracks in the material. Only after a live center has passed all three inspections is it deemed repairable.

Super Duty live centers will be rebuilt to “Like New” condition once they complete this rigorous, multi step inspection process. This is a total reconditioning of the entire live center. The shell bearing housing is re-qualified and the taper shank is reground as needed. The bearings, seals and spindle are replaced with new components and the live center is returned to its original accuracy. Every repair receives the identical factory warranty as that of a new live center.

In the unlikely event that your live center is beyond repair, Riten offers a preferred customer trade-in allowance on the purchase of an equivalent new live center. Every Riten live center, no matter its condition, is eligible for trade-in. Repairs can be returned through you local Riten distributor or sent direct to the factory.

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