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Precision Heavy Duty Bull Nose Live Centers

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Live Center Applications

Riten heavy duty bull nose live centers are typically used in applications where the center hole is a large bore or when the application calls for the machining of pipe or other cylindrical components such as hydraulic cylinders. Oil field maintenance facilities, manufacturers of power generation components, and pipe manufacturers all rely on the durability of heavy duty bull nose live centers. These centers are specifically designed to operate in hostile environments where work piece weights and machining forces are extreme. Bull nose live centers are constructed with larger bearings to carry these heavy loads. The strength and alignment of the fully supported bull nose head provides longer center life when machining large work pieces. The rigidity of this live center helps dampen vibration and resist chatter.



The heavy duty bull nose live centers are available from stock in Morse Tapers. Limited selections of Jarno and Brown & Sharp Tapers are also available. Custom variations of these live centers can be designed using our on-line design tool or by discussing your application with one of our product specialists.

Technical Specifications

The heavy duty bull nose live center is unique in that it utilizes three large bore, matched, precision angular contact bearings. The bearings are retained with a torque plate similar to the construction of machine tool spindles. The result is a bearing assembly capable of withstanding maximum radial and axial loading conditions while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. Most brands available on the market today simply press a bull nose head on a standard live center bearing set. The result is a tool that is woefully inadequate in comparison.

In the smaller sizes, the taper shank and bull nose head are manufactured from 5100 ball bearing steel and teat treated for maximum strength and durability. In the larger head sizes, the pipe noses are manufactured from 8620 steel and heat treated to a deep case depth. The deep case provides longer tool life because it allows the head to be reground multiple times, while the softer core provides the ductility needed when supporting very heavy work pieces.

For best results, choose a bull nose live center that will support the work piece in the middle or upper third of the large end of the nose. This will help balance the weight of the part and carry the load over the bearing assembly.

Live Center Repair

Standard heavy duty bull nose live centers will be rebuilt to “Like New” condition for 40% of the cost of a new tool. This is a total reconditioning of the entire live center. The shell is inspected for damage and the taper shank is reground as needed. The bearings, seals and spindle are replaced with new components and the live center is returned to its original accuracy. Every repair receives the identical factory warranty as that of a new live center.

In the unlikely event that your live center is beyond repair, Riten offers a preferred customer trade-in allowance of up to 35% on the purchase of an equivalent live center. Every Riten live center, no matter its condition, is eligible for trade-in. Repairs can be returned through you local Riten distributor or send direct to the factory.

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