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The Importance of Safety at Riten Industries

Although National Safety Month ended in June, we are constantly working to ensure that our products are safe, reliable and exceed industry requirements. The products that we manufacture for the various industries that we serve undergo strict reliability and safety tests. The aerospace industry relies on us for live centers, dead centers, face drivers and custom workholding products. These products are tested and inspected thoroughly before being delivered to our customers. We also perform tesRead more

How to Choose the Right Center for Your Needs

One of the most common questions we come across from clients are what factors need to be considered when selecting the right center for a particular job. We’d like to help simplify and demystify the process. Assuming centers of equal quality, what differentiates them is the application, capacity, and price. There are centers that are made for specific processes and specialty applications—spline-rolling, gear hobbing, gear grinding, heavy duty, etc.—and if you have a specific applicationRead more

Why and How to Choose a Face Driver

As any manufacturer knows, the industry is as demanding and competitive as ever, with efficiency and productivity requirements that are more than a little challenging. That’s why any tool that can increase productivity and quality, without breaking the bank, is more than welcome. One such tool is the face driver. So what exactly is a face driver, how does it work, and how do you go about choosing one? We’re here to help. Face Driving 101 A face driver, simply put, allows you to machRead more
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Made in America Means Being Responsive, and Being Fast

Manufacturing all of our products right here at our facility in Ohio is essential to our success. Not only does it mean that our products are of the highest quality, but it also allows us to offer the services our customers have come to depend upon. We don't just pull stock products off of a shelf and ship them to our customers. We're here to serve as a source of expertise for anyone looking to find or design the best work holding solution for their application. The right solution is one thatRead more
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Morse, Jarno, Browne & Sharpe, and Metric – Manufacturing the Right Machine Taper for your Center

The machine tool industry has settled on Morse tapers as the industry standard for centers. So if you purchase a new machine tool, odds are that's the taper your machine will be built for. But what if you're not purchasing a new machine? What if you need a center with a Jarno taper? Or a Browne & Sharpe taper? Or a straight shank? Well in that case, you call Riten. Machine tapers are complicated to manufacture, but it's imperative that they be manufactured with the utmost precision. In aRead more
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“Solutions, Not Excuses”

The work holding solutions we provide start with our standard products. These are solutions that have already been designed and built and are ready for you to purchase. But sometimes our clients have an application where none of our standard solutions apply. For example, there is no standard for a propeller shaft on an aircraft carrier.That's why in addition to our standard options, we offer custom solutions. Sometimes that means taking a standard design and tweaking it slightly. Sometimes thaRead more
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Riten is the world's largest manufacturer of Live and Dead Centers and Face Drivers. These products are our only business. We've been in business manufacturing quality work holding since 1933, and no other company can match our experience and engineering skill. We have the industry's broadest line of standard products, and can also design custom specials to meet a customer's unique needs.



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