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Riten Client Case Study: Increasing Efficiency and Ensuring Solutions

At Riten Industries, our products are counted on to provide workholding solutions to countless clients—clients who depend on them to make their work more efficient and effective. One example of a solution we provided is for a global manufacturer of industrial transfer, process, and circulation pumps. They produce a family of pump shafts of varying lengths and diameters that are turned on an Okuma LB4000EX CNC lathe and subsequently ground on a cylindrical grinder. When the planRead more

Meeting the Challenging and Growing Demands of Spline Rolling

Spline rolling is one of the most popular and economical manufacturing processes for creating an involute tooth form. This cold forming process offers many advantages in the manufacture of automotive and power transmission shafts, motor shafts, pump shafts, axles and other parts where there is a need to transmit torque. Global manufacturers count on spline rolling for its ability to produce splines, grooves, and threads at production rates of up to 300 parts per hour. Simply put, spine rollinRead more
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Riten is the world's largest manufacturer of Live and Dead Centers and Face Drivers. These products are our only business. We've been in business manufacturing quality work holding since 1933, and no other company can match our experience and engineering skill. We have the industry's broadest line of standard products, and can also design custom specials to meet a customer's unique needs.



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